Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Aliens Have Landed!

While I was attending the Silken Sands conference in Pensacola this past weekend, I was fortunate to have the best cab driver in the world (Hi, Smiley!). The drive from the Pensacola airport to the hotel took us through the sleepy little area of the Florida panhandle called Gulf Breeze, which if you're into UFO's at all, is well-known for a series of UFO sightings back in the late 80's. The sightings, although well documented, are pretty much considered to be a hoax, but one never knows, do they? :-)

Anyway, Smiley was the ultimate tour guide, and eager to show me the local sites, including this one:

It looks like the little green men have laid out the welcome mat, but in reality, it's a house (people live in the bottom, not the Mother Ship). There was even a little green man in the front window!

I have to apologize to Smiley, who got all dressed up for the return trip to the airport, because I told her I wanted to take a picture of her for my blog. I took the picture, but I think I must've been giggling too much, because it came out all blurry, and therefore useless. :-( Next time I'll make sure to bring an actual camera, instead of relying on my cell phone! But if you ever find yourself in Pensacola, FL, look for a cab with smiley stickers all over it and a woman with a big yellow smiley face tattooed around her wrist. You won't be sorry.

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