Monday, June 27, 2011

A Vampire and a Ghost Writer Walk Into a Bar...

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it? :)

Surprisingly, (further proof that truth is stranger than fiction) it is NOT a joke, but a reality:

On Saturday, July 9th, I'll be joining my friend and favorite Helsinki Vampire, Jyrki69 of The 69 Eyes, as he rocks the house at 1135 Decatur, New Orleans.

The best part is that before we walk into that bar, we'll be taking a good old-fashioned ghost tour through the spooky streets of old N'awlins, the details of which you can read here:

Those of you who've read my most recent book, DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE, may find Jyrki a bit familiar, for he was the inspiration behind the character of Finn Payne, the bad boy rock star who sold his soul to the Devil.

For the record, Jyrki isn't a much of a bad boy as he appears (shh... don't tell anyone), for he also graciously allowed me to use his song, "DEVILS" as the backdrop for my DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE book trailer, as well.  Watch it, and then go visit my website at for a chance to win the fabled Ring of Chaos (just like the one bad boy rockers wear).  :) If you like the song (and you will), you can download it from Amazon for only .99 by going HERE. Better yet, download the entire CD!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Devil Without a Cause Video, featuring Music by The 69 Eyes

I'm super-excited to show you the new book trailer for DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE! The soundtrack is called "DEVILS", one of my favorite songs by The 69 Eyes (used with permission) which makes perfect sense when you consider that the band's lead singer, Jyrki Linnankivi, may or may not have been used as the inspiration for one of the lead characters in the novel. :) Another key aspect of the book is the Ring of Chaos - a cursed ring that will conform itself to the owner's deepest desires, endowing them with an artistic talent far beyond what they might have had otherwise. You've heard the phrase regarding a "fine line between genius and madness", right? Well, you, too can get a little madness by winning an actual replica of the ring!

Awesomeness, right? Watch the video, and see what I mean: