Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bring On The New Year!

Does it make me a bad person to say that I'm really, really glad that Christmas is behind us? So many obligations, so many expectations, so many things to do, say, drink, eat, buy, wrap, return, decorate and take down to be packed away.

I, for one, am looking forward to the coming year in a way I never have before... my first book will be coming out in the fall, my youngest will finish his third year of college, my husband and I will welcome a new baby into the family, and with any luck I'll get that long-awaited Alaskan cruise along with a couple of other smaller trips. Yay!

I have my health, my Captain America, dear friends, a beautiful home, and a new career. I don't make New Year's resolutions, but if I did, I'd resolve to appreciate each and every day of the coming year. And if I could manage to lose this extra 'Christmas' weight fairly quickly, that would be a bonus. :)

What about you? What are you looking forward to in 2007?

Friday, December 22, 2006


My dear friend Janice Lynn has just sold two medical romances to Harlequin! Her first (as yet to be titled) will be a November 2007 release! Some of you may remember Janice for her delightful, funny and oh-so-romantic single title, JANE MILLIONAIRE, but writing a series for Harlequin is, to quote Janice, "her dream come true".

I'm so proud of her for never giving up that dream. I'm also very proud to have her as a friend - Janice is an extraordinary woman. She's sweet, fun and bubbly, balancing a busy family life and a full-time career along with her writing. She's imminently suited to write those medical romances - she has a Masters in Nursing from Vanderbilt and works as a nurse practitioner in a private family practice. And just look how pretty she is!! :)

Congratulations on a well-deserved victory, Janice... it couldn't have happened to a nicer person, I'm just glad I got to be around to enjoy it with you. You GO, girl!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh. Wow.

Do you know what this is?

Those of us who've been pregnant do.

Someone I know and love is expecting (no, it isn't mine - bite your tongue or I'll bite it for you!) - and I spent quite a bit of time with them at the doctor's office yesterday, watching this little peanut wiggle and twist and turn. Only 11 weeks old, people... 11 weeks! See the profile of the face? Start at the upper right and follow the profile downward: there's the forehead, the nose, the mouth. The whiter areas are the cheekbones and chin... bone is already forming. The little arms and legs are there, but in this image the left arm is kinda 'folded' against the body so you can't seem it too well (the white streak at the bottom of the photo is the bone of the arm).

Video showed it all - a still photo can't quite capture it. Two arms, two legs, five fingers and five toes (respectively) on each limb (thank goodness!)

But the anxiety isn't over yet. The reason we were at the doctors is because this is a 'high-risk' pregnancy. I won't go into all the details, but Little Peanut isn't in the clear yet, and we won't know the test results until next week. Cross your fingers and say a prayer, will you?

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Writing is not for wimps. One might think that coming up with story ideas and getting them on paper in a coherent, entertaining style might be hard enough, but it's truly only the beginning. Learning your craft, honing your craft, creating your characters, developing your dialogue, intriguing your readers; all challenges to overcome, and all things you have some measure of control over. Then there's the inevitable rejection letters from editors and agents, the well-meaning (and sometimes not-so-well meaning) critiques from friends, family members and fellow writers, self-doubt, writer's block, worries about promotion, websites, and reviews.

But the worst part is the waiting.

Right now I'm waiting on several things. I'm waiting on a cover for Dead Girls Are Easy. I'm waiting to find out if two big name authors who've been asked for cover quotes are going to give them. I'm waiting on the final copy edits before the book goes to print. I'm waiting for first-round line edits on Where The Ghouls Are. I'm waiting to hear if a current proposal for an entirely new book will be accepted.

I wrote an article a while back called What Are You Waiting For?. It's basically about how waiting is useful for its own sake, and that you should be getting your stuff out there while keeping busy in the meantime, and I still believe it as well as practice it.

But, man... sometimes I sure get tired of waiting. What are you waiting for?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Talk To The Hand

"Doctor, it hurts when I do this."

"Then don't do that."

That's kind of how the conversation went yesterday when I went to see a doctor about some problems I've been having with my right hand. Pain, numbness, swelling, tingling (gee, those last two symptoms sound sorta fun!), all getting worse, particularly when I type. His immediate recommendation?

Don't type.

Gee, Doc, no can do. I'm a writer, you see. Writers write. Writers type. Writers use their computers to do research, to put words on paper, to play adventure games... (um, forget that last part).

To make a long story short (because it hurts to type it), it appears I've fallen victim to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Not only am I now wearing one of those stupid wrist splints, I have to go to a neurologist tomorrow for a 'nerve study'.

(Yes, Doctor, I have nerves - and you're getting on them.)

Nah, he's a nice guy. Not his fault. I'm hoping there will be a simple fix (can you say 'cortisone shot'?), and no need for surgery. In the meantime, he's given me pain meds to take if it gets really bad (can you say Vicodin?), and is sending me to his best 'hand guy'.

I really had to bite my lip on that one. :)