Friday, February 18, 2011

Yet Another Le Regazze Morte Sono Facile

I have no idea why there are two different Italian covers for Dead Girls Are Easy, but this one is clearly aimed at all you zombie lovers!

In honor of its grisly gloriousness, I'm going to repost my original zombie short, entitled:

“Is that a femur in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Donna snuggled in closer to Derek, brushing the dark hair from his eyes with one hand. Unfortunately, a clump of it remained in her fingers, and she knew this particular boy toy’s time was limited. That was the problem with zombies—their shelf life was much too short, the pesky problem of decomposition being one she hadn’t solved yet.

Even embalming didn’t help, and she didn’t care for waxy buildup on her fingers any more than she did her floors.

“Brought you a present,” Derek murmured, with a lopsided grin, “for our two-week anniversary.” His breath reeked of blood and sausages, which made sense considering his job at the local meat packing plant. With a flourish, he whipped a hand from behind his back, and offered her his prize.

“How sweet,” Donna squealed. “It’s a heart!”

“Yeah, baby,” he answered smugly, blood dripping between his fingers. “A fresh one. Nothing but the best for my girl.”

“Awww,” Donna said, “I got you a present, too.” She let go of him long enough snatch her purse up from the bed. Digging inside, she brought up an object about three inches long. Picking off a piece of lint before handing it to him, she announced, “I usually wait at least a month before giving my boyfriend the finger!”

Derek and Donna both died laughing, which was long overdue, considering Donna had been dead for two centuries, and Derek for two weeks.

She eyed him with regret as she giggled, knowing his laughter would soon be a thing of the past, much like Horatio’s, the guy who’d gotten her into this fix. It had been Horatio’s idea to visit the cemetery in Edinburgh that night two hundred years ago. Bodysnatching had been a good way to earn some quick cash back then, unless your body happened to be the one that got snatched, of course.

Poor Horatio, she’d known him well, until that shovel had come out of nowhere, and smashed his head in. The doctor who’d done it hadn’t hit her hard enough, though, and she’d woken up in his laboratory to find him on top of her. After that, what was a ghoul to do except defend herself? It was only after she’d killed the doc with his own dirt-encrusted shovel that she’d found the secret book lying on his desk, in plain sight, and learned the ancient grimoire’s secrets about how to reanimate the dead.

“Hey, baby,” Derek said, interrupting her musings. “I got a perfectly good boner going to waste here.” He grabbed her hips and pulled her close again. “What say we get naked and put it to good use, hm?”

Donna smiled. She’d learned a few secrets about herself that night, too, including how her brush with death and her newfound ability to reanimate dead flesh left her with a taste for more of it. Immortality had cost her soul, but she was pretty sure she didn’t need it where she was going.

“Absolutely,” she answered, with a smile that revealed her own teeth, pearly white and perfect. Her eyes glowed red as she began to tug his shirt from his pants. “No use letting a good piece of meat go to waste."
Yes, I have a weird sense of humor, but if you didn't know that by now, then welcome to my world. :-)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Le Ragazze Morte Sono Facili

Dead Girls Are Easy, in Italian (with bats)!

Cool, huh?

Can't wait to see what the cover of A Match Made In Hell is going to look like!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

News, Events and Appearances In 2011 (so far)

It's mid-February, and already I've had to sit down with my calendar to plan out my year. My current novel-in-progress, A DEVIL NAMED DESIRE, is due to be turned into my editor March 1st, which means that for the rest of this month I'll be glued to my keyboard, fine-tuning, layering, and tweaking it into shape before I turn it in.  The month of March itself will be spent a) collapsing with relief, and b) twitching, as I'll be a bundle of nerves while I wait for her to read it.  :)

The real fun begins in April, when I fly to Los Angeles for the RT Booklovers Convention.  If you happen to be going, too, you can find me at the Avon Dusk to Dark Mixer/Booksigning on Friday, April 8th, from 6-7pm, or track me down at the giant Book Fair on Saturday the 9th from 11-2pm.  The rest of the time I'll be attending workshops, meeting with readers and librarians from all over the US, attending parties like the Venetian Masquerade Faery Ball and the Vampire Ball (featuring "Zombie Strippers from Planet 9"!) and just generally roaming the halls seeing how much trouble I can get into.  Dean Koontz is a special guest of honor this year, and I've made myself a vow not to leave the convention without his autograph, and if I'm REALLY lucky, a picture!

The month of May, I'll be on pins and needles waiting for the mass market paperback release of Book #1 in the Devil's Bargain series, DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE, which will be in bookstores everywhere beginning May 31st.  If you don't want to wait, you can read an excerpt here, and if you're really impatient (like me), you can go ahead and pre-order it from Amazon, which means you'll get it a few days early.

I'll be doing some booksignings in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Brandon area once it's out, and will be sure to post dates and times when it gets closer.  I'll also be doing some signings in the Atlanta area, and will post those, too.

June will find me in New York City, where I'll be attending the Romance Writers of America conference, from June 29th through July 3rd.  While there, I'll be participating in a panel discussion called "Beyond Giggles and Screams: Light vs. Dark Paranormal Fiction" with fellow Avon HarperCollins authors and Supernatural Underground pals Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer and Karina Cooper.  Having written my share of both giggles and screams, I'm really looking forward to it!  I'll be signing books at the giant "Readers For Life" Literacy Autographing on Tuesday, June 28, from 5:30–7:30 p.m. (which is open to the public), and a special signing with Avon Books.

August will find me - excitingly enough! - in Melbourne, Australia, where I'll be attending Romance Writers of Australia's annual conference.  (C'mon, admit it, you know you're jealous!)  I've been wanting to go to Australia my whole life, and this year is the year!  While at the conference, I'll be participating in a workshop panel on Supernatural Series with my editor, the talented and wonderful Erika Tsang, and fabulous fellow authors Kelley Armstrong, Keri Arthur, M.J. Scott and Kylie Griffin.  After the conference, it's off to Adelaide to visit old friends, and then on to the Brisbane area to enjoy the wine country (and its benefits) with my two favorite "Annas" - lovely authors Anna Campbell and Anna Sugden.  Books, sightseeing, old friends, new ones and wine.  What more could an author ask for?

Anyway, hope to meet a few of you at one of these places, and if not, pop by my website or Facebook page and say hello!