Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oh, To Be A Writer

The Writer

Oh, to be a writer!
To be the one with command of the pen;
And, have us read
Tales too spicy and scary,
Tales too delicious and delightful
For ears to merely hear.
No, no! Tales to be read by all
No less than this is for the true writer!
Apparently I'm not the only creative one in my family.
My daughter wrote this for me when I sold my first book last fall. She found a poster-size piece of paper that looks like a giant scroll, and handwrote it for me as a gift. It hangs on my office wall, where I can look at it every day.
Oh, to be a writer. Indeed.


leslie said...

Apparently, talent runs in the family! What a wonderful poem and thoughtful gift. I know I can't wait to read those "tales too spicy and scary!" Next year is just so far away! LOL!

TrishJ said...

Spooky Dude,

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree... ENJOY that poem!! It's definitely inspiration for getting that next book done!

Beth said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift! Creativity truly does run in your family!