Saturday, May 27, 2006

Crunch Time

I'm sure it's obvious that I don't blog as much as some people do. One excuse for that is that I don't want to bore anyone with descriptions of what I ate for breakfast (Yogurt Burst Cheerios, vanilla-flavored) or angst over life in general (so what if those extra five pounds just won't go away?) I'm sure no one cares how many miles I walked this morning or how brilliant my children are or how my dog understands more words of English than many humans I know.

No, my main excuse is that I'm working, working, working, on finishing the second of my two soon-to-be-published novels, Dead Girls Are Easy and Where The Ghouls Are.

Where The Ghouls Are is nearly finished. YAY! I'm working on the final chapter this weekend, and with any luck, I'll reach those two little words, 'THE END', by midweek.

I may celebrate by taking a walk on the wild side - scrambled eggs for breakfast instead of Cheerios! Bet you can't wait to read about that!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

--Olivia / Barbara

Terri said...

Thanks, Barbara! :-)

Renee Luke said...

YAY on nearing the end, Terri. Can't wait until I can actually get my hands on the published books.

Janice Lynn said...

Congrats on nearing The End. It's such a gratifying moment to type those two little words. :)

MariaGeraci said...

Must feel great to be almost done! Congrats! I can't wait to read both these books!