Friday, May 19, 2006

Dead Girls Are Easily Flattered

I got the nicest compliment the other day.

Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency (who is NOT my agent, by the way) just posted a blog entry entitled “One that Got Away – And I Regret It’. To my utter surprise, she was talking about me!

Just to give you some background, I queried three different literary agencies last year with my quirky paranormal, DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY. (Only three, you say? Yes, only three, but they were my top three – each carefully selected and highly recommended. I was told to shoot for the stars, so I did, but believe me, I would’ve kept sending that baby out if necessary!)

Anyway, I was lucky enough to receive interest from all three agencies. Kristin called me last June, and while she was very enthusiastic about the manuscript and very professional, she told me that she was swamped at the office and was afraid she couldn’t give the manuscript the editorial feedback it deserved. I could tell she was on the fence, and came away feeling good about the conversation instead of bummed. The other two agencies both made offers of representation, and I chose the one I felt was the best fit for me.

Best decision I ever made, and I don’t regret a thing.

Still, it was nice to be somebody else’s ‘regret’ for a change! :-)

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Janice Lynn said...

Terri, this is just the coolest!!! & a compliment very well deserved!