Sunday, December 06, 2009

O Spider, Where Art Thou?

Ok, must confess that I've avoided going into the attic all week because last weekend, when I went in to pull out the Christmas tree ornaments, I saw a big, ugly spider sitting right on top of the box I was about to put my hand on. *picture me screaming, snatching my hand back, and disappearing out the door*

Today, made my son go in with me to fend off giant, hairy, 8-legged creatures, only to discover that it was a PLASTIC HALLOWEEN SPIDER that had fallen off my Halloween wreath.

Sigh. My favorite holiday just came back to bite me. My only consolation is that he was very cautious in his approach, too, though I'll probably never live it down...


Olivia said...

THAT is too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

Terri Garey said...

Wasn't funny when it thought it was about to run up my arm! :-) Was funny after, though - it looked so real!