Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dark Kisses from Croatia: New Interview and Book Review at Venia, the Croatian webzine for all things dark!

Venia is a very cool Croatian e-zine devoted to alternative music, pop culture, literature and movies. The magazine is also a part of the team behind the Croatian fansite for my favorite vampire/goth band, The 69 Eyes, (http://www.the69-eyes.com/), and when I got an email from the editor last month, asking if I'd consent to an email interview about my writing, I was only to happy to oblige!

*WARNING* The English translation leaves a bit to be desired - it's a bit choppy, but you can get the gist!

Take a look at their very cool site (here's the English version) http://www.venia-mag.net/eng/intro.html , read my interview at http://www.venia-mag.net/eng/column/storyof-terrigarey-interview2009.html, read a great review of DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY at http://www.venia-mag.net/eng/column/storyof-terrigarey-deadgirlsareeasy.html, or enter the contest to win a signed copy at http://www.venia-mag.net/eng/other/competition.html.


However, if you're like me, you might find it cooler just to read the Croatian versions at:

Venia-Mag: http://www.venia-mag.net/hrv/intro.html
Interview: http://www.venia-mag.net/hrv/kolumna/kultura-intervju-terrigarey.html
Review: http://www.venia-mag.net/hrv/kolumna/kultura-knjizevnost-deadgirlsareeasy.html
Contest: http://www.venia-mag.net/hrv/ostalo/nagradna.html

The 69 Eyes will be playing in Zagreb (Croatia) on January 24th, 2010. I'd love nothing more than to be there, but I will just have to be satisfied with some dark kisses from Croatia in the meantime.

Rock on, ghoulfriends, and THANKS, Venia-Mag!

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