Monday, December 28, 2009

Life Is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans...

The last two weeks of December have been a bit of blur - not only have I been responsible for the stock prices of Kleenex shooting into the hemisphere and spent a lot of time in bed or in a recliner watching old movies, but my dear, sweet mother-in-law has been gravely ill in the hospital, my son graduated college, and oh, we celebrated the small annual occurrance that is Christmas. :-)

Plus, I'm writing. The first book of my new series is due April 1st, and I want it to be awesome, so in between the Kleenex and the family time, I'm writing. :-) Apart from some Twits and a bit of Facebook time, I haven't been online much.

At any rate, I'm wishing everyone a fabulous New Year and letting you know I'm not dead. I will be back again soon, with my normal fascinating and riveting combination of excerpts and observations. (Can't wait, I know!) ;-P

That was totally sarcastic. Really.


jennifer said...

happy new year to you too :)

Dorthy said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year, adn that your MIL gets better soon and congrats to your son.
See you in 2010!