Friday, September 04, 2009

Want A Bookmark?

Are these cool, or what? I had new bookmarks made to celebrate the upcoming October 27th release of Silent Night, Haunted Night and they turned out so great that I want to share them directly with my readers.

Normally these are sent to bookstores, libraries, writers conferences and trade shows as part of the promotion efforts from my publisher, but hey, I want YOU guys to have some, too.
I mean, why save your place in a Nicki Styx story with a scrap of paper or *gasp* fold down a corner of the page (sacrilege!) when you can have one of these marvelously macabre markers?

At any rate, all you have to do to get one is to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Terri Garey
P.O. Box 320386
Tampa, FL 33679-2386
The front is as you see here, and the back shows the entire series, in order, in case you missed any of them. :-)

(If you'd like extras for your book club or some of your cooler friends, just let me know, and include a little extra postage!)

Save your place in style, ghoulfriends, and come to the dark side... we have cookies! (well, bookmarks, anyway, and unlike cookies, they're not fattening.) :-)

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