Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The 69 Eyes - Back In Blood!

I got an awesome treat in the mail this weekend, a brand new CD by The 69 Eyes, called Back In Blood. (If you say it correctly, the way the band members do, you'll sound exactly like Bela Lugosi.) :-)

The 69 Eyes (also known as the Helsinki Vampires) are a gothic glam rock n' roll band from Finland. They've been performing for years, consistently topping the charts in their native country, and very popular in Europe and Australia. Their sound is a unique blend of Elvis, the Doors, Motley Crue and AC/DC, while their style has more of the 80's attitude and fashion sense of Billy Idol and Adam Ant. Underlaying both their sound and their style are the gloomy gothic undertones of bands like The Cure and Sisters of Mercy. Their music, their look, and their incredibly effective use of eyeliner make them well worth noticing. :-)

Don't believe me? Watch and listen as the band describes their style in their own words:

All of the songs on the new CD are loosely themed around the realm of the undead, the black abyss of eternal suffering, the shadowy world of the vampire. It's an absolutely fabulous mix: killer guitar riffs, pounding drums, five sexy guys in black leather singing about eternal loneliness - what more could a ghoul want, right?

The title song, Back In Blood, gets your vampire-lovin' heart pounding, and is backed up perfectly by Track #2, We Own the Night. One of my absolute favorite songs is Track #3, Dead N' Gone. LOVE IT!

And then, of course, I ain't gonna lie: Track #7, Dead Girls Are Easy, is to die for!

Back In Blood is the band's 10th CD, and their US label, The End Records, has been great enough to provide me with a few extra copies, which I'll be giving away on my website during the month of October as part of a special Halloween promotion. Four "paranormal party" baskets filled with spooky books, spooky CDs, and other ghoulishly grand goodies in honor of one of my favorite holidays, and one of my favorite bands. The CD isn't being released in the US until September 15th, but they're available for preorder.

They'll be touring all over the US and Europe over the next few months, so if you get a chance to see them, take it. (I mean, you know what they say about vampires, right? Centuries of experience, incredible stamina, and they know the value of a little neck nuzzling to get you in the mood!) Nuzzle up to these guys, and you'll learn - like I did - that the Eyes have it!

They can bite me anytime. :-)

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