Friday, June 06, 2008

A New Title, and "The End" Is In Sight!

I'm a bit psyched today, because I'm working on the LAST chapter of Book #3 in the Nicki Styx series! I should be typing the words "The End" within the next few days (even if I don't actually type them - it's just a figure of speech!) :-) The full manuscript is due to my editor on July 1st, which means I'll have time to take a breather, then go back and read it from start to finish with a fresh eye before I put it in the mail to NYC.

The original title for this book was IF YOU GOT IT, HAUNT IT, but after going back and forth with my editor the last couple of weeks, we've decided on a brand new title which (thankfully) I love even more! Look for YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I HAUNT on bookstore shelves in April 2009.


Amberkatze said...

I am so glad I came over here today to post something and to see this great news! A 3rd book and in April!!! woooohooo!!!

I just finished 'Weddings from Hell' last night and loved the Nicki story more than any of the other stories! I can't wait for the next book! *me being cheeky* any review copies avaliable???

Oh and back to what I wanted to post about ;)

I am giving away my copy of 'Weddings from Hell' over on my book blog. If any of your fans want to enter please send them over!


Terri said...

How very kewl of you, Amberkatze! Thanks so much for letting me know that Nicki's story was your favorite in the anthology - nothing warms a little author's heart more than to know people enjoy her work!

And thanks so much for including "Weddings From Hell" as a prize in your book blog! I'll have to blog about that today (and I will, as soon as I have another cup of coffee). LOL

Thanks for stopping by!