Saturday, June 28, 2008

E-Readers: The Future Is Now

Any Star Trek fans out there? *Terri unashamedly raises her hand* (It has nothing to do with my crushes on Mr. Spock, Captain James T. Kirk, Ensign Chekov or Jean-Luc Picard, I swear!)

It was all about the technology (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it). Remember how Mr. Spock always had a book-sized computer in his hand, that told him everything he needed to know at the touch of a button? How some attractive young female ensign was always bringing Captain Kirk an electronic pad that required his electronic signature? The idea that so much information and data could be encapsulated into something that small was simply mind-boggling, and yet here we are, in the new millenium.

This is a picture of a Sony E-Reader, and those that have them claim they've revolutioned the reading world. There's more than one version of them: Amazon Kindles, Palm Handhelds, Toshiba Pockets, and more. For $299 to $399, you can download books instantly into these devices - up to 200 paperbacks can be stored at one time! Certainly cuts down on the need for shelf space! If you're traveling, and you find the book you're reading on the plane to be a stinker, you can just switch to another! E-book downloads are pretty much standard on Amazon now (including my own titles).

My agent and editor tell me that Sony E-readers have changed their lives - no more bulky manuscripts to lug back and forth on the subway, on trips, etc. Which is why I was particularly tickled to get a phone call the other day from my agent, telling me that Sony and HarperCollins have decided to join forces in a promo effort in which my books are involved! Yay!

At the Romance Writers of America's annual convention next month, Sony will be giving away 250 FREE E-Readers (not sure of the details, but I think involves drawings). Each E-Reader will come with "bundles" of three books. The winner of the E-Reader will get to choose between a bundle of three historical romances, a bundle of three paranormal romances, or a "mixed genre" bundle.

Guess who's book is in the "mixed genre" bundle? Yep, my newest release A Match Made In Hell will come pre-loaded onto a Sony E-Reader. I'm pretty tickled to be included in the "mixed genre" bundle, because that'll expose my writing to people who might not otherwise pick up a paranormal romance.

Now if only that adorably pointy-eared Mr. Spock came with the deal. *sigh*


ChariDee said...

Just figures. I can't afford an e-Reader and I sure as heck can't afford a trip to SanFran for nationals. Stinks for me, but YAY for you on excellent promotion!

Terri said...

Thanks, ChariDee! I haven't tried an e-Reader yet, but when I look at the books piled over my house, I have to wonder if they might not be worth it! We'll see.

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