Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First Reviews for A MATCH MADE IN HELL

Reviews are beginning to come in for my July book, A MATCH MADE IN HELL, and I'm very happy to report that so far, they've been great! YAY!! When you've spent nearly a year of your life writing a book, it's really nice to hear that you didn't waste your time. Please bear with my "horn-tooting" today, and let me share my good news. Believe me, my head can still fit through the door - after this, I have to go do laundry. :-)

I found out this weekend that Romantic Times Magazine gave me Four Stars, and had this to say:

by Terri Garey

RT Rating:

Publisher: Avon
Published: July 2008
Type: Paranormal Fiction


Ghosts, long-lost identical twin sisters and haunted mansions, oh my! The second Nikki Styx novel can stand on its own. Although it flirts with being too light a novel, the twists the story takes keeps it entertaining from start to finish.


Summary: After Nikki died and was brought back to life by her hunky doctor turned boyfriend, she thought her biggest problem would be keeping her day job while also helping spirits cross over. But suddenly she's juggling the appearance of her long-lost adopted twin, who happens to be the wife of Nikki's boyfriend, and the ghostly presence of their birth mother, who keeps giving Nikki mysterious messages. If that weren't enough to make a girl crazy, there's a new cutie in town who wants Nikki all to himself, but he might just be the devil! (AVON, Jul., 373 pp., $6.99) HOT

—Whitney Kate Sullivan


I also got Four Cups from the reviewers at Coffee Time Romance, who said this:

This second Nicki Styx story is just as involving as the first. Nicki and Joe’s relationship has grown even though Nicki has yet to tell Joe she loves him. The Devil, aka Sammy, has a great time planting discord in the relationship. Kelly and her poor me attitude wore on me at times; she has all of Nicki’s stubbornness and none of her style. Bijoux and Odessa are unusual characters to say the least. The Spider character made a nice romantic interest for Kelly, but the most compelling character was Sammy and his plaything, known as Psycho Barbie. Nicki tries as usual to be selfish, but is driven to do the right thing. Kelly seems to be the opposite at times, selfless on the surface, but is really self-centered. The plot has some very interesting twists and turns and I could not put it down for a minute.

I really had a lot of fun writing this book - I even took a trip to Savannah to make sure I captured the atmosphere properly. These characters were so much fun to write! (So much so that they show up again in Book #3). Anyway, if you like spooky stories with quirky characters and lots of unexpected surprises, I hope you'll check out A MATCH MADE IN HELL when it hits the bookstores shelves the end of this month.


Liviania said...

It sounds like a fun novel! (Oh, and I love it when authors research the setting! It helps the story come alive.)

Terri said...

Thanks for stopping by, Liviania! I'd always wanted to visit Savannah, and "research" was the perfect opportunity. We stayed in a townhouse in the historic district, and had some very odd occurrences while we were there! Did you know that Savannah touts itself as "the most haunted city in America"? And with good reason, I think! :-)

Plus, it's just plain beautiful. Great southern city, and great setting for a southern ghost story.

Pam said...

Hi Terri, my name is Pam and I met you at your Westshore BookSigning (standing next the other Pam). I told you that I was looking for something ghostly, thrilling and you told me about your books. LOVED IT. I was even late to work Monday because I couldn't stop reading. You were right, funny and ghostly. I love the show "Ghost Whisper" and your book brought that to mind but with great humor. Love that Nikki. I ordered "Dead Girls are Easy" while I was there and should be getting that soon. Can't wait.
Hope you come to Orlando some time. Please keep your fans posted.

Terri said...

Hi, Pam! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book (although I'm sorry you were late to work!) LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know what you thought - I really appreciate it! :-)

Hope you enjoy Dead Girls Are Easy, too. Have a great day!