Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weddings From Hell has hit the shelves! Want to win a free one?

Have I mentioned how much I love this cover? LOL

I'm so excited about this anthology - I couldn't wait to hit the local bookstores (like I did yesterday) and see it on the shelves. I wanted to see if it looked as good in person as it does on my computer screen. :-)

I went first to my local B&N, but no luck - they hadn't put the June releases on the shelves yet. So I drove down the road to Borders, and was disappointed to see that they didn't have theirs out either. Just as I was about to walk away, one of the employees walked up and plopped four copies down on the table right in front of me! I scared the poor guy by immediately letting out a "squee!" of happiness! After I explained my outburst, he cheerfully went in the back and brought out the rest of the store's copies, all of which I signed, stickered and bookmarked, right on the spot!

Then I drove to the mall, where I went to Waldenbooks. Not only did they have it on the shelves, they had it featured in the "Books You'll Love" section (my local Waldenbooks is a great store, btw). More signing, stickering and bookmarking, along with a nice chat with the girl behind the counter.

So today, in celebration of my very first anthology release, I'm blogging over at Writers At Play about real-life weddings from hell, and giving away an autographed copy of THE BOOK to one lucky commenter. Stop by and say hello. Maybe you've got your own "wedding horror" story to tell?

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