Monday, May 26, 2008

The "Suite" Life

So today was a big day in the Garey household - 17 years since the day Captain America and I met. We were set up by my neighbor, who had invited this "really great guy" to a Memorial Day barbeque, and wanted me to come over and meet him. I resisted, but she was persistent, and the rest is history. :-)

Anyway, our "anniversary", Memorial Day, just happened to coincide with a business/pleasure trip to the very place where we spent our honeymoon - Amelia Island, Florida. Only this time, instead of the quaint bed & breakfast where we went on our honeymoon, we had a room at the Ritz-Carlton Plantation at Amelia Island, which was right up the road (but miles away, in theory, from where we stayed originally!).

We had a lovely time the first night - a nice room, dinner at a 5-star restaurant - but when it came time to turn out the light and go to bed, things weren't so lovely. A swarm of little bugs had taken residence on the wall around and above the lamp beside my bed (I do believe they were termites). Captain America rushed to the rescue, bath towel in hand, and managed to get rid of all the little suckers, but I didn't sleep well, imagining little buggies everywhere.

The next morning, I very politely informed the front desk of the problem, and in true Ritz-Carlton fashion, they took care of it by upgrading us to another room. A Beachfront Suite, to be exact.

It was HUMONGOUS! A foyer, two bathrooms, bedroom, living room, a dressing room, and a double wide, private balcony overlooking the beach. Here's the view:

Anyway, I may just have to have a termite emergency wherever I stay from now on! LOL

We ordered room service to celebrate, and had coffee, muffins and orange juice on the balcony the next morning.

It was our honeymoon all over again, only we were living the "suite life" instead of wondering how we'd pay the rent. Life has been good these 17 years, but this was the icing on the cake!

Happy anniversary, sweetheart!


Mona Risk said...

Terri, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your CAPTAIN AMERICA. May you have many, many happy years together and many more honeymoons at the Ritz...without bugs.

You are a beautiful couple. Love you.


Terri said...

Aw, thanks, Mona! We had a lovely time (despite the rain), and I can't BELIEVE it's been 17 years.

Big hugs,