Friday, May 02, 2008

Mr. Romance, Andrei Claude

Why do we read romance novels? Because we all want the thrill of falling in love, the happily-ever-after, and the hot guy, of course! :-)

Admit it, you've bought a book because of the hot guy on the cover, haven't you? What if the hot guy on the cover really was just as sweet, nice (and hot!) in real life as well as in the fantasy?

Let me introduce you to Andrei Claude, the hunky Italian fitness model who's graced the cover of many a romance novel, and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!

How do I know he's as great on the inside as he is on the outside? Because he's our guest today on my group blog, Writers At Play. If you think this photo is something else, head on over there to see a lot more of this handsome hunk, and learn what it's like to be an Italian hottie in an American girl world!

Seriously, he's a sweetie. Not only did he give us a great interview, he's hanging around to answer questions and play with us a little, too. (Oo, that sounded naughty, didn't it?) :-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah we can dream of the man in our lives looking like Mr. Romance with movements, touches, by someone that looks like Andrei Claude but its another thing when the love of our lives takes us for granted and lets himself go. They want us to take care of our looks and look like the Stefford wives but they look more like Al Bundy than they do the gorgeous Andrei Claude.

Anonymous said...

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