Monday, October 22, 2007

October's Ghost Story Contest

I had a very difficult time choosing a winner for the 3rd Annual "Tell Me Your Ghost Story" contest, because the stories I got this year were just too cool! I get goosebumps every time I read them, so I had to choose based on the one that gave me the biggest goosebumps! I'll post the top three stories here on my blog over the next three days, so you can see for yourself how hard it was to choose.

However, somebody had to win - congratulations to Betty R., who will be receiving a DVD of the movie, "Ghost", and a yummy-smelling bag of Pumpkin Spice potpourri! Her touching story of a father who came back from the dead to see his newborn son was a 10 on the "goosebump meter".

Here's Betty's story in her own words, which she swears is absolutely true - judge for yourself!

I married Darrell in March of 1979. He was the sweetest guy I thought I'd ever met, curly bright red hair and eyes the color of the ocean. I was 16 ,he was 20. We celebrated our first anniversary together(and his 21st birthday) and less than a month later I was planning his funeral..he was in a fatal car wreck. Months before this happened he told me one night he had a feeling he'd never live to see 21. I didn't want to hear this and cut it short quickly. He said, if I die, I'll come back and when I do you will know it.

When he died I was 4 months pregnant. As bad as losing him made me feel, knowing my son would never know his dad, and his dad would never have the chance to hold his son made it that much worse.

Now on to my story.......Darrell Jr. was born on August 7th of 1980.. a beautiful little boy, with eyes the color of the ocean just like his dad.. but had just enough fuzz on his head to call it

I had recieved a little blue comb/brush set when he was born, as part of a gift pack, it sat on my dresser in our room. 2 weeks after me and little Darrell had came home, I was awakened one night by the light being turned on in the bedroom. I awoke not knowing what was happened but immediately looked over in the crib to check on my baby. He was lying there sound asleep, not bothered at all...while still wondering how the light turned on, I noticed something lying beside Darrell in the babybed.

It was the blue brush from the dresser (never used, Darrell Jr. had no hair yet),and it was full of bright red curly hair!

This was shown to numerous amounts of people in the weeks to really happened.. as he said months earlier, "I'll come back and when I do you'll know it"...he came back to visit his son...
Congratulations, Betty, and thanks for sharing your story. The DVD and potpourri are in the mail!


nannabee said...

Thank you for choosing my story..And yes it is very true...thank you for a great contest! looking forward to recieving the movie and the potpourri!
Happy halloween everyone!!!!

Terri said...

You're welcome, Betty! Thanks for sharing your story - I really enjoyed it, and found it very comforting. I've posted it on my website, too. :)

Happy Halloween!