Sunday, October 14, 2007

C.L. Wilson and Lord of the Fading Lands

I went to see my friend C.L. Wilson at a booksigning yesterday. Cheryl's epic fantasy romance, Lord of the Fading Lands, is an October release from Leisure Books. It will be followed by a back to back release of the sequel, Lady of Light and Shadows, in November.

Lord of the Fading Lands debuted at 127 on USAToday

bestseller's list - first week on the shelves! Read about Cheryl, her road to publication, and learn more about her sweeping tale of swords and sorcery by visiting her website. Her reviews have been fabulous.

Cheryl belongs to my writing group, a group of fun-loving brats who got their start being kicked off a bigger loop for having too much fun. :) We call ourselves the Writing Playground, and over three years and a lot of successes later we still have way too much fun! Every time one of our members gets a book contract, the rest of us go to Build-A-Bear and have a bear custom designed to fit the hero or the heroine. Cheryl's hero is unique, in that he's a shapeshifting flying black panther. The black blurry blob in the front right of the photo is Prince Rain Tairen, crown and all. (I took it on my cellphone, what can I say?)
We also order a gorgeous fountain pen in the person's favorite color, and have it engraved with the title and the date of "the Call". The Playpal has to use it at her booksignings. Here's a picture of Cheryl signing Lord of the Fading Lands, using her specially engraved pen (it's purple, with silver lettering. Again, cell phone LOL).

Anyway, congratulations Cheryl! I'm glad I was there to see you achieve your dream!


pearl said...

I thought you were the Writers Playground. There is another blog thats called the Writing Playground.

Anyway, congrats on the book! It sounds great!

Terri said...

Yes, Pearl, we were a bit bummed out to find out that another group of writers had a name so close to ours, plus they have a website and we don't. :)

That's okay, though. We debated changing our name, but we've been together almost four years and didn't want to.

So we're the original WRITERS Playground, they're the WRITING Playground, and more power to 'em. :)