Monday, October 18, 2010

Trailers From Hell: The Brain That Wouldn't Die

I had a late night date with my dear friend Elvira this weekend, as I watched her "ghost host" one of the campiest, low-budget sleaze/horror movie ever made: The Brain That Wouldn't Die. Made in 1962, the film is basically about a scientist whose fiance is killed in a car accident, so he cuts off her head and keeps it alive while he goes out searching for the perfect body to reattach it to. The arrogant, unfeeling jerk is forced to go to strip clubs, cruise the streets for women in skin-tight clothes, and finally kidnap a "figure model" while his fiance's head - fully conscious, angry, and going quietly mad - sits on a tray in his laboratory, plotting her revenge.

Needless to say, it doesn't end well for the scientist, or his craven assistant, or the monster in the closet. (What? Didn't mention the monster in the closet? There's ALWAYS a monster in the closet!)  Even in black and white, with some of the worst special effects and acting known to man, it managed to be appalling creepy. Anyway, here's a great clip with director John Landis, showing some highlights from the film:

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