Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elvira's Movie Macabre: Putting the Boob Back in the Boobtube!

I mentioned Elvira in yesterday's blog post, but didn't give the Queen of Screams her due: I LOVE Elvira! Love her. She's an over-the-top blend of sexual innuendo, morbid humor, campy dialogue and cleavage-centered talent that just leaves me in awe. She's returned to TV in her role as horror movie critic, looking even more fabulous now than she did twenty years ago! (Maybe there's something to those rumors about the dark arts after all...)

I absolutely adore how she pokes fun at herself and the entire horror genre.  I love how she "puts herself out there" (and boy, does she) for a good laugh.  Like good old Dr. Paul Bearer from my childhood, I appreciate how she can unflinchingly deliver some of the most groan-inducing puns you'll ever hear, and make being campy cool.  Actor characterization like Elvira's is a dying art, my friends, so watch her while you can!

Elvira's Movie's Macabre has returned, with 26 all-new episodes, each one showcasing a 2-hour horror film and Elvira's special brand of introduction and commentary. Check your local listings, and check out the trailer for the show:


Sharon S. said...

Halloween, hair and hooters! Wouldn't be the same without her .

Terri Garey said...

The three H's, Sharon. It's so nice to meet someone who knows what's important! :-)