Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Spooked With Silent Night, Haunted Night!

It's book release day! It's book release day! Squeeee!!

Ahem. Ok, got that out of my system. :-)

My fourth spooky novel is now in bookstores, just in time for Halloween! Squeee!!

(Ok, so maybe I didn't quite get it all out yet. )

In fact, maybe I never will get over the fact that I, the girl who grew up with her head in a book, now writes books for other people to enjoy. That's why I wanted to become a writer, you know - to give back some of the joy and pleasure and downright escapism that books have always given to me.

I've always been an avid reader - still am - in large part because no matter how bad things get, I can always pick up a book and be temporarily transported somewhere else. To me, a good book should be like a movie in your head, except far better, because with books, your imagination allows you to to make the characters and the settings appear exactly as you want them to - no need to worry about bad casting or bad acting, because you - the reader - are the director.

So far, one of my favorite things about being a writer is being able to create memorable characters: Nicki Styx, Joe Bascombe, Sammy Divine, Bijou, Caprice, Spider, and the various restless spirits that populate all my novels. They're not real, but they feel real to me, and I try to make them real for the reader, too. (It's called "suspension of disbelief", which is a fancy, opposite-speak way of just saying "believable".) :-)

I think I need a little suspension of disbelief myself today, because I just can't believe that my childhood dream has come true again, for the fourth time.

Did I mention that Silent Night, Haunted Night is in bookstores today? Squeeee!!!


Dorthy said...

Woo Hoo! I found it! I had to hit 3 stores before I finally found it. Wal-mart didn't have it, Walden books didn't have it on the shelf yet, so I headed over to Target, and what do you know I FOUND IT!!!!!!

Ok, now off to read.

Terri Garey said...

Dorthy! Such dedication - how sweet! I hope it lives up to your expectations. :-)

jennifer said...

congrads i will be looking for it on friday so i hope walmart has it on the shelves by then

Dorthy said...

Oh the book was great! Better than great! (although at 12:30 in the morning I can't think of a word better than great. :-) )
And the ending!!!! I gushed I .... oh better not say that cuz someone who hasn't read it yet might be reading this....
The Ending was WONDERFUL!!! (Is that the end, or are you planning more Nicki books? I can't wait for the Sammy ones to come out!)
This book not only lived up to my expectations, but topped them :-)
I must have made a noise or something as I finished it cuz my hubby came out of our room and said "What's wrong?" Wrong?!" I asked him, "Nothing is wrong." Then I proceeded to tell him about the book. He just shook his head and said honey its after midnight and its just a book.
My response was "What?!(with disbelief) Its not just a book, it's a suspension of disbelief! (gee wonder where I got that ;-) )
Where he just shook his head and asked if I was finally coming to bed now that the "non-book" was done. LOL
*sigh* has cloud nine ever been so good?
Well good night/morning all and Happy Reading! :-)

...you know if I wait 10 more minutes to post this it will be the "witching" hour on the east coast.... oh well, I'm too tired to wait. LOL

Terri Garey said...

Dorthy, what a fantabulous note to wake up to this morning! You are the official early bird (or late bird, depending on the time zone!)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it - I really enjoyed mixing things up a bit in this one - there's always room for another take on those ancient legends and stories, isn't there? (thanks for not posting spoilers) :-)

And by the way, I think you've earned one of my special Limited Edition beaded bookmarks - send me your mailing address at terrigarey@gmail.com and I'll put one in the mail to you.

Thanks for the lift this morning!

ThatBrunette said...

I got a signed copy of book one in a contest. I had a few other books to read before I got to it so, by the time I did read it, RWA was coming to town. I waited to get books two and three signed.

Now, book four comes out. What to do? No local conferences. Author is in a different state. Do I wait for another contest? Can I wait for another contest?

No. I bought book four with the hopes of one day, getting that one signed, too. Well, signed and inscribed.

I'm not, normally, an autograph hound. A signature by itself doesn't mean much. I want it known that, not only did the author sign it, she signed it for me. Humph!

Terri Garey said...

Aw, thanks, ThatBrunette! I'll be happy to sign it any chance I get, and in the meantime, I'm still giving away signed copies on several different blogs this month, including over at the Romance Bandits on 11/2/09!