Thursday, June 11, 2009

Signing Books in South Tampa

Join me this Saturday, June 13th, at the S. Tampa Borders at 909 N. Dale Mabry!

I'll be signing books along with NYT best-sellers Karen Rose, Virginia Henley and Joan Johnston, USA Today best-sellers Alyssa Day, Julie Leto and Roxanne St. Claire and several other fabulous authors who'd love to make your summer just a bit more cool. :-)

If you can't find a book you'd like to read among this bunch, then there's simply no pleasing you!

Seriously, it'll be fun. We're being joined by Borders executive and corporate buyer, Susan Grimshaw, and I'm looking forward to seeing my sweet friend, Gypsie, who works at the store. This particular Borders is my local hangout - the moment you walk in and smell that fabulous coffee, you'll know why. :-)

My son even worked there for a while, but now Mom makes him crack the books in college instead of the bookstore!

Hope to see you there!

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