Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vampires Obviously Have More Fun!

Time to share more photos from the Romantic Times Convention!

I had a great time at the Vampire Ball, in large part because I got to let my inner "ghoul" run wild by dressing up as a Goth Vampire Chick. There were two fun parts to this, the first being that absolutely nobody knew who I was (costumes are such fun!), and the other being that when you're dressed as a vampire chick, people seem to want to get their picture taken with you! (Which, when you go back to reason #1, is actually kind of fun: "Hey, look at this picture taken with this Goth Vampire Chick! I have no idea who she is, but cool, huh?") This is me with thriller writer (and total hottie) Barry Eisler on the left. The place was swarming with cover models, but he was one of the best looking guys there, and man, did he know how to work a room!

This is me with fellow dark humorist and all-around scary author Jeff Strand, and his friend, a disembodied head. (He never said where the head came from.) Jeff's newest book, PRESSURE, hits the stands later this month. (PRESSURE was a recent finalist for the Bram Stoker award, and I can't wait to read it.) I've already ordered and am waiting on one of his previous novels, called GRAVEROBBERS WANTED (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY). I mean, c'mon - I'm a sucker for great titles, graveyard humor and disembodied heads!

This spooky fellow on the right is actually cover model C.J. Hollenbach, who was wearing the coolest contacts I've ever seen. They were yellow in the center, with red flames sparking outward. C.J.'s costume made me think very strongly of Louis in Anne Rice's INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. *sigh* Great costume, C.J.!

These are my dear friends Mona Risk and Janice Lynn. Mona didn't recognize me either at first, but it's hard not to recognize Janice - doesn't she look hot?

And speaking of hot :-), this beautiful woman asked to have her photo taken with me (I'm the one who looks scared in this one, don't I?) Seriously, I don't know her name, but she was very sweet and very, very pretty. (Hey, I'm straight and married, but I'm not blind, and perfectly willing to give credit where credit is due!)

And this just may be my favorite picture of all - Victoria Fraasa with Circle of Seven Productions, asking me to play with her adorable little baby! Isn't he cute? LOL (Actually, he was unbelievably creepy, in large part because he was animated. His eyes rolled, his arms waved, and he liked to bite! I seriously loved him and wanted to take him home!) :-)

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Victoria said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and letting my little ghoul hang with your inner ghoul.