Friday, May 08, 2009

Just Say "NO" to E-book Piracy

I've been spending way too much time lately trying to get free versions of my books taken down from "file sharing" sites all over the Internet. No sooner do I find a stolen file, fill out the form to have it taken down and provide documentation that I hold the copyright to the work itself, when another stolen file pops up somewhere else on another site.

What absolutely amazes me is that people think it's absolutely fine to gleefully download these stolen files, never once thinking about who they're hurting (which, quite frankly, is me). In fact, some people even think they're doing me a favor by spreading my work around and making it easy for others to get them without having to pay for them. Um.. no. Not only are they stealing the royalty money from legitimate ebook sales from my pocket, they're stealing my numbers, which is far more damaging. Pirated books don't get counted toward the number of books I've sold, which is the biggest thing my publisher looks at when they decide to continue publishing me or not.

Publishing is all about the numbers. Publishers make an initial investment and print X numbers of books. Needless to say, for an author to be considered successful, those books have to sell. No, ebooks are not printed, but the demand for them is another huge indicator of an author's success - every sale of an ebook through a legitimate source like Kindle or Sony is registered and recorded, which is another way my publisher sees whether people are buying my books or not. So if hundreds or thousands of my books are being given away free through file piracy, my publisher has no way of counting them. An author may be hugely popular when it comes to free downloads out there, but that popularity does them no good in the eyes of their publisher, because all they see is the number of legitimate sales. So those people who LOVE those authors enough to download those files are actually upping the odds that those authors won't ever be able to publish another book, because their numbers will be too low.

Make any sense? Oh, and let's not forget this basic fact: downloading pirated files of any kind for free is stealing, plain and simple. So just say no, would you, and support your favorite authors in a way that helps them go on doing what they do. Books are very inexpensive forms of entertainment, after all.


Anonymous said...

well that just plain ole sucks! Maybe it's time for us to get the attention of our legislators to write laws penalizing those to illegally download books...just like they did when it was all the rage to "steal" music from the internet! Let's all do what we can to spread the word about this new form of authors work too hard to have thieves plunder your just rewards! Love, Fan on Farthing St.

Terri said...

String 'em up, I say! LOL The one time I tried to steal anything, I was five years old and caught red-handed by my mom, who made me go back to the store with her and apologize! Scarred me for life... :-)

Ladytink_534 said...

You tell 'em! I need more Nicki Styx books so everyone get off your computer, stop being a thief, and actually pick up this series. If you're that broke, just go to the library. Sheesh! They're not that expensive and the covers are great (not to mention the content).

Terri said...

Thank you, LadyTink! It's very aggravating to keep finding these files on the Internet - kind of like bugs, you squish one over here and another one pops up over there!

Ew. I just grossed myself out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll ever see this come to an end. Most of these sites are ran from other countries who don't give a damn that these idiots are pirating copyrighted material.