Monday, November 10, 2008

The Mosaics of Louis Comfort Tiffany

Looking for a beautiful Christmas gift for the artistically minded person in your life?

Then I'd like to suggest this gorgeous book, compiled and written by my very dear friend, Edith (Edie) Crouch.

I'm so proud of Edie - in my humble opinion, she's the true definition of a "Renaissance Woman". Once a successful 9-to-5 businesswoman, she found and embraced the opportunity to expand her mind and her horizons by becoming a stained glass artist. She's also become quite an expert on Louis Comfort Tiffany - famous for his stained glass, he was also a master of the art of jewelry-making, pottery and mosaics, which is something many people don't realize.

Edie and I met many years ago, when her son and my son started pre-school together, and we've been friends ever since (even though she moved away, which I still haven't quite forgiven her for!) :-) Her stained glass work graces my home with color and warmth - a beautiful peony lamp hangs in my breakfast nook, and on either side of my front door is an absolutely GORGEOUS pair of six-feet stained glass panels, each depicting a vase of tall, colorful flowers (we designed them together, and I can quite honestly say that they're my most prized possessions! I can never move, because I couldn't bear to leave them behind!) It was quite an adventure for her to ship both panels to me from North Carolina all in one piece, but well worth it! She also made me a beautiful Tarot card panel depicting "the Hermit", which I commissioned for one of my sisters to hang in her living room window.

Well-read, well-spoken, kind-hearted, loving and talented - you just don't get better friends than Edie, and I want to share her talent with the world.

You can read about The Mosaics of Louis Comfort Tiffany in more detail HERE, and pre-order it from Personally, I can't wait for my autographed copy!

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