Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Virtual Graveyard - A'Haunting We Will Go!

I just updated my website for October, which is something I look forward to (Halloween-obsessed-closet-computer nerd that I am!). Every year I do a special Halloween page, and this year I decided to do a "virtual graveyard".

I created custom tombstones that link to other fun sites, including my favorite Halloween recipes, Halloween jokes, ghost stories, ghost photos, and a special slideshow presentation of my annual Halloween party. (Yes, I'm weird. But it's so much fun!)

All you have to do is figure out which tombstones lead somewhere, and which ones don't. :-) Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I agree, the cover looks awsome but it doesn't look like Niki from the description in the books.

Terri said...

No, not quite. :-) But the rest of the cover makes up for it, I think! (at least they got the hair color right!) :-)