Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My favorite day of the year has arrived!

I've got six giant bags of candy, a front yard full of tombstones and spider webs, and I'll be seeing some of my favorite people tonight, so I'm one happy ghoul! I love seeing all the little kids dressed up, dragging their overloaded bags of treats as they climb my steps, looking for more. Witches, fairies, superheroes, even the killer clowns! I love seeing their parents watching proudly from the sidewalk, especially those who get into the spirit with them by dressing up themselves.

I didn't go as all out on the decorating this year as I usually do - I'm on deadline and have been concentrating on the new book instead - but I'm definitely still in the "spirit"! I plan to walk the neighborhood myself this year and see what everybody else has done to decorate (the people across the street from me have an actual 'lightning and thunder' machine on the roof of their house!)

I hope your plans include a little wandering around in the dark, scaring up some candy. Extra points to anyone wearing a costume for the evening! Happy Halloween, ghoulfriends!


Danielle said...


Sorry I haven't been by before now. I wanted to leave a note for you when I received the magnet (way cool, although not as cool as the authentic signature!) I too have been on a deadline, although nothing as exciting as yours. (Mine was for a user manual.) In any case, Happy Halloween! Be sure to post photos of your costume - you can see me in mine here:

Terri said...

Omigosh, look at you! Marie Antoinette? You look awesome, Danielle! Mine wasn't nearly that good...