Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Weekend!

Yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I have great memories of Easter; coloring eggs as a kid, searching the house to find an Easter basket full of candy (and usually a stuffed bunny) that my mom claimed the Easter Bunny left for me. I'd end up with a bunny of some kind every year, long after I outgrew the eggs and baskets, including a real one, once. I have memories of coloring eggs with my own kids, of my youngest son getting baptized on Easter Sunday when he was twelve, of egg hunts in the yard, hiding the eggs over and over and over again for the kids to find.

I also have another memory of Easter, which involves a nasty incident over a pot of hardboiled eggs, which led me to the decision to end my first marriage, many years ago. My two young sons deserved to have great memories of Easter, too, and I remember being in a drugstore at 11 o'clock on a Saturday night, putting together Easter baskets for my boys to replace the ones I'd left behind, determined that they'd have their magical Easter morning in spite of our family's emotional turmoil. And they did, too. :-)

Memories of Easter - some good and some bad. What about you? Was it a religious day for your family or was it all about the eggs and chocolate bunnies? ;-) Does anyone still make the traditional Easter ham? Do you have any special memories of Easter?

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