Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Double RITA Finalist..Ka-Thunk!


I got two phone calls this morning - the first was enough to make me laugh, cry and shake like a leaf; Ruth Kaufman, a lovely woman from the board of Romance Writers of America, called to inform me that DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY was a finalist in the Best First Book category of the RITA awards! I was so overwhelmed that I started crying, and Ruth cried with me! I babbled and tried to take notes about what happens next, and then I got off the phone and called my husband, my agent and my editor (still babbling, I'm sure!)

And then the phone rang again. Another lovely woman from RWA informed me that DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY was also a finalist in the Paranormal category!! I was so stunned to get two calls that I became worried they'd made a mistake!

Me: You mean I finaled twice?
Her: Did someone else call you?
Me: Yes, Ruth Kaufman.
Her: Best Book Category! Congratulations!
Me: So I finaled twice? (like, duh?) Are you sure?
Her: Yes, it seems so! Congratulations again!

Omigosh. It means I've got two shots to take home the gold (statue). Isn't she pretty? (oo... shiny....)

For those of you who aren't familiar with the RITA (do you live under a rock or something?) here's the official description:

Romance Writers of America proudly sponsors the romance-publishing industry's highest award of distinction — the RITA Award. RITA awards are presented annually to the best published romance novels of the year. The award itself is a golden statuette named after RWA's first president, Rita Clay Estrada, and has become the symbol for the best in published romance fiction.
Every year at the annual RWA conference (it's in San Francisco this year), there's a huge formal award ceremony (similar to the Oscars) where the winners are announced. I can't believe I'm going to see my name and title up on those big screens (twice!). What if I *gulp* win??

Oh, wow - you know what this means, don't you? The hunt for the perfect dress (and shoes) is begun!!!


Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...



Why yes, I'm THRILLED for you, sweetie! Absolutely THRILLED.

*huge hugs and smoochies*

Terri said...

Oh, Barb, I could borrow your good luck Maggie Gyllenhall (sp?) dress?

LOL!! Kidding! I'm just kidding! (You have that under glass by now, right?)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate Carlisle said...

Congratulations, Terri!! What fantastic news! Dead Girls ROCK!!!

Can't wait to see you wearing the DOUBLE RIBBONS in SF -- I have no doubt your entire wardrobe will look fabulous with them! ;-)


Terri said...

Omigosh, I forgot about the ribbons, Kate!!

Oooo, new clothes, new shoes and pretty ribbons - what more could a girl ask for? LOL

Thanks for the good wishes!

Anna Campbell said...

Terri, I'm incredibly pleased for you! Congratulations! It couldn't happen to a nicer or more talented person. Can't wait to see how the ribbons tone with the wardrobe in SF!

Terri said...

Thanks, Anna! I'll be rooting for you all the way, as well!

Maybe we should color coordinate our outfits. :-)

Ann Voss Peterson said...

Terri! Congratulations! A well-deserved final. The book was fabulous fun. Woo Hoo!

Terri said...

Ann! :-) Thanks for stopping by! Are you and your mom going to be in SF this year? It would be great to see you in person again!

Thanks for the Rita congrats... can you believe it? LOL

Anonymous said...


Congratulations!! Does it feel any more real yet?

Ann Voss Peterson said...

I believe it. You rock, babe! And yes, my mom and I will be there to help you celebrate. :)

Terri said...

Hi Tammy! No, it does not feel real yet. If it ever does, I'll let ya know. ;-)

Anna Sugden said...

Happy squeals and snoopy dancing here in NJ!!

Mega congrats, Terri - you really deserve this!!

I think I may have to go on a vicarious shoe hunt in your honour *grin*

~~Olivia said...

I am so happy I could share your joy! More hugs and congrats!

Terri said...

Oh, Anna - how I wish we could go shoe shopping TOGETHER! (You always have the cute ones!)

Thanks for being there for me to squeal to when I got the phone call, despite you being so sick! That's a true friend for you... flat on your back, sick as a dog, and still being able to squeal. :-)

Terri said...

Olivia, your hugs made the day even more special (even if the guys thought we were nuts for jumping up and down).

Thanks for stopping by!

Michele said...

Terri!! Congratulations!!

That is such fantastic news. A double finalist!! Two exclamation points!! :-)


Take Care,

Michele (!!)

Claire said...

CONGRATS! ^_^ sending luck! ^_^

Terri said...

Hi, Michele! Great to "see" you! Who'da thunk it, huh? :-)

Terri said...

Hey there, Claire! Thanks for the good wishes... I can use all the luck I can get!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

WooHoo! *Cheers* Congratulations Terri. I am so excited for you YaY! This is wonderful news.

Also Terri, I see you have a new book coming out. A Match Made In Hell love the cover and excellent excerpt for it. I put the widget on my blog looks so beautiful :-)


Terri said...

Hi, Linda! You put my countdown widget on your blog? How sweet! (it's pretty, isn't it?) :-)

I'll be giving away Advance Reader Copies as contest prizes for the next couple of months... guess I better 'officially' announce that, huh?

Thanks for stopping by!