Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Would You Like To Win Some Free Books?

I belong to a small group of women who are truly extraordinary. We call ourselves Writers At Play because even though writing is a serious business, we've vowed to have fun with it. We've hung out online together for almost four years, seen each other through contests and finals and rejections, met up at conferences across the country, and learned some publishing lessons the hard way. :)

And you know what? We've succeeded. When we met in 2003, we were all unpublished. Four years later, twelve of us are published, and one's gone on to become an editor herself.

So we must be doing something right. :)

Anyway, over the holidays, I got this crazy idea that instead of sending candy and cards to my PlayPals for Christmas (a WONDERFUL tradition, btw... don't ever stop!), I'd give them them gift of a group website. We'd been talking about it for years, but it would require some coordination and some effort and a lot of technical stuff that only computer geeks would be interested in. :-)

So I got creative (it's not like I was busy with the Christmas holiday and brain scans or anything *g*), and Writers At Play is the result. Our hard lessons learned are yours for the picking, our inspiration yours for the asking, and our books are yours for the winning. (Just don't try and steal any of the eye candy... particularly Matthew McConaughey. Janice doesn't share very well.)

To celebrate our new home on the web, we're giving away free books on our new Blog as we take questions for our two official Contest Divas, Stacey Kayne and Lindsey Brookes.

Stop by and visit, and comment to win a grand prize of four books!


Anonymous said...

Cool web site.

Anonymous said...

SO I get to pick all of your ladies brain! YAY, well in a sense that is.
Anyways, how did the group start off, I mean did you guys critic eachothers papers and just helped each other out?
When looking for a publisher, just how hard is it and how did you go about finding a publisher?
Does the group still get together to talk?
How did the group first get together in the first place? Where you all friends in the begining or what?
Alyssa C
Thank you for reading my questions and allowing me to ask them.

Terri said...

Hi Alyssa!

We got started because we belonged to a much larger group of online writers. After a few months of reading each other's posts, we got to know each other pretty well, and we started teasing and joking with each other on the main loop. Well, evidently other people got tired of our fun clogging their inboxes, :) so a couple of us were privately "handslapped" and asked to tone down the fun.

HAH!! :-)

Instead, we just formed our own little loop through Yahoo Groups, and invited people we knew liked to have a little fun.

That was almost four years ago, and we quite literally talk to each other every day online and by phone. We live all over the country, but we meet up at conferences and workshops when we can.

As to the difficulty in finding a publisher, that's a difficult question to answer in a blog post. :)

Go to the Writers At Play website at and check out the "Resources" page. Read some of the articles, and you'll get a feel for things. There's one called "The Ways Of Wine and Roses" that talks specifically about the steps you need to take to get published.

Thanks for stopping by!