Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If Today Is Your Birthday...

...then you and I share the same birthday! :) Here's what our horoscope says for the coming year:

Your star-quality is turned up to the maximum this year (woohoo!). On the positive side, you will be both highly attractive and highly charismatic.
Well. Break out the red carpet, hm? LOL

A great birthday horoscope, but I learned a long time ago not to believe everything I read. :) I'll be happy to be fairly attractive and somewhat interesting this year.

HOWEVER, I saved my birthday horoscope from the year 2000, and this is what it said THEN:
You are dynamic, inquisitive and very serious where romance is concerned. You are a natural writer, psychologist. You travel more than most. One day you could write a novel.
Seriously, that's what it said. Maybe I should start looking for the red carpet after all, hm? :)

Oh, and here's a lovely Birthday Fairy I got from a friend this morning! Pretty, isn't she?


Ann said...

Happy Birthday, baby sister. I hope you live to write 1000 more books!

Terri said...

Thanks, sis. :) And I'm sorry about not coming up with a suitably tactful lie about your next birthday. *tee-hee* I will by the time it gets here, I promise. :)

Joy Jama said...

Heyyyy! It's my birthday too. Happy Birthday to you. :)