Friday, November 09, 2007

I Heart Amazon :)

Did I mention that my next two books are already listed on Amazon? Neither of them have a cover yet, but they're both already available for pre-order!! A MATCH MADE IN HELL and WEDDINGS FROM HELL are out next summer, one month apart!

I'm enjoying the fall weather too much to wish for summer just yet, but knowing I'll have two more books on the bookstore shelves will definitely give me something to look forward to. :)


Anonymous said...

Write faster!!

Terri said...

I'm writing like the wind, I promise! :) The reality is, I have NO control over when the books come out, dangit! My publisher is the one to decide the release dates, according to some magical, mystical publishing formula. :(

But they're getting closer together, which is great! May 2008, June 2008, February 2009 and December 2009. I'll just keep my head down and keep writing!

~~Olivia said...

Wait..! I missed something. Did I count wrong? The second Nikki Styx full book is June 2008, the third is February 2009. What book is coming out December 2009?

Terri said...

Hi, Olivia! *waving*

May 2008 is a Nicki Styx novella entitled "Ghouls Night Out", which is included as part of a paranormal anthology with three other authors, entitled "Weddings From Hell".

June 2008 is "A Match Made In Hell", which is a stand-alone Nicki Styx novel (and the sequel to Dead Girls Are Easy).

February 2009 in the third stand-alone book in the Nicki Styx series, entitled "If You Got It, Haunt It".

December 2009 is the fourth stand-alone book in the Nicki Styx series, which is tentatively titled "A Very Scary Christmas".

So, four stand-alone Nicki Styx books, and a novella which is included in an anthology. Clear as mud? :0)