Sunday, July 22, 2007

Along Came A Spider

Little Miss Terri
sat in her chair-ey
eating her curds and whey,
along came a spider
and sat down beside her
and blew Terri Garey away!

Isn't he cute? I guess it's no longer any secret that I have somewhat eclectic taste, but even I had no idea how I'd immediately fall in love with a rhinestone-encrusted, green-eyed spider! Better yet, a rhinestone-encrusted, green-eyed spider trinket box like this guy here (if you lift his little head, his entire body opens up). My spider was a gift from Theresa Mobley, who was the winner of the Win A Free RWA Conference Registration Contest I held last year. Theresa made a point to seek me out at conference and thank me for helping her attend the conference, and this was her very original and very thoughtful thank you gift! I'm so glad I got to meet Theresa and two of her friends, both of whom assured me that the grand prize of a free contest registration couldn't have gone to a nicer person than Theresa - hearing that in itself was a gift. :)

Theresa was sweet enough to privately email some of my friends and find out what she could get me as a thank-you, and they told her that I loved anything spooky or Halloween-related. What they didn't tell her is that I also collect cool little boxes! This spider already has a place of honor in my collection! Theresa and her girlfriend (and a bunch of strangers by the elevator) probably thought I was nuts the way I squealed over this, but one look and I was blown away.

So thank you again, Theresa. Spidey thanks you, too, for giving him a home with someone who thinks he's really cool. :)


Kathryn S said...

Terri that is gorgeous! I collect spider jewelry and that little guy is amazing!

Terri said...

Isn't he cool, Kate? I just love him.