Friday, March 09, 2007

Fifteen And Counting...

My husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary the other day. Fifteen years of wedded bliss. :) (Really!) Unfortunately for us, our anniversary fell on a day that was filled with family drama and trauma, loaded with angst, and all around crappy. I'll spare you the details, but it was a pretty bad day. At the end of it, both Captain America and I wanted nothing more than to go to bed and pull the covers over our head (together, of course). But in the end, I looked at him and he looked at me, and we started talking about how blessed we were to have each other to help us through days like the one we'd just had. And how we'd had fifteen years of supporting each other, through good times and bad; and how we'd love to have fifteen more, then fifteen more after that.

So I picked up my purse, he grabbed the car keys, and we went out to dinner, even though we were both worn out. He gave me a sweet card and I gave him a funny one, but we gave each other a whole lot more than that - we gave each other smiles and laughs and good memories to wash away the strain of the day. When the sh*t hits the fan, it's really good to have someone you can depend on to tilt the fan in the other direction, at least for a little while.

And you know what else? You don't always have to be the one who needs the fan tilted. Tilting it for someone else makes you feel just as good. So the next time you've had a really bad day, pick up the phone and call someone who might be dealing with some crap of their own, and do a little cheering up. You'll cheer yourself up in the process.


Anna Sugden said...
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Anna Sugden said...

Many congrats to you and Captain America - you're a wonderful couple! May you be blessed with many, many more happy years together.

And a huge thank you for tilting my fan the other way during this past week. Hugs.

Terri said...

Hi Anna! You've tilted my fan a few times, too, girl. :)

It's nice to have friends, isn't it? BIG, big hugs.

Tawny said...

Super congrats to you and Captain America!!! You're such a fab couple and definitely deserve all the happiness each of you brings to the other.

besides, he sounds great in a towel LOL.