Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Haunted Corner

One of the writing groups I belong to has this cool writing exercise once a week or so, where a picture is chosen at random, and those who participate are challenged to write a very short story, as quickly as possible, about the photo. I usually only do it when the picture itself speaks to me, as this one did. The name of the photo is called "The Haunted Corner". How could I resist? :) Anyway, here's my 'off-the-cuff' creative exercise:

The Haunted Corner

Opal Myers sat in her favorite chair, right by the window, where she could watch the world go by without ever leaving the plush comfort of her home. While others stood in bread lines and whined about lack of work, Opal had merely to ring a small bell and food would be brought to her on a tray. Another ring, and the tray would be taken away, the crumbs no doubt eaten by a sneaky servant girl before they reached the kitchen.

Opal didn't care. Let them eat cake. Depression, indeed. The poor deserved their fate... they either hadn't the guts to work hard, or they hadn't the wits to marry money. She'd done both.

"Wow, honey... look at this place." A man's voice disturbed Opal's privacy, but she didn't look away from the window. The man would be gone soon enough. "Still looks like it did in 40's."

"The 30's, actually." A woman's voice answered him, a voice that Opal found vaguely familiar. Familiar enough to ignore. "We at Hampton House take great pride in keeping the house just the way it looked when the murder occurred. Opal Myers was killed right there, in that chair."

"Ew... how creepy." Another woman's voice, different from the first. "By her own son? That's what the brochure said."

"It was never proven who did it, but the son was the number one suspect. He disappeared right after the murder and was never seen again."

Opal settled herself more deeply into the chair and smiled a chilly smile. Her son would come home eventually, and when he did, she'd be waiting.


Anonymous said...

Nice story Terri! Don't envy Opal though. Or the son. LOL.

Terri said...

Thanks, Tammy. :) Kind of a creepy picture, isn't it?

Maureen Child said...

Okay, but now I need to know why the woman's voice was 'vaguely' familiar!!

Janice Lynn said...

Ooooh, Terri! I love your story...and have to admit you piqued my curiosity, too. Why vaguely?????

Terri said...

Ah, the power of a word. :-) All that was intended by 'vaguely' familiar was that Opal had heard the woman's voice enough not to be troubled by it. She's been haunting the house since the 30's, and it makes sense that she'd be used to the voice of the current caretaker.

I guess the idea was that the living are troubled by the dead far more than the dead are troubled by the living. :)