Monday, July 31, 2006


I got back late yesterday from a whirlwind week in Atlanta, where I attended the 2006 RWA conference. Not only did I get to hang out with my writing buddies (check out the pictures), I attended some wonderful seminars, some fabulous parties, and managed to squeeze in a viewing of the Beluga whales and giant Whale sharks at the Atlanta Aquarium. NORA ROBERTS (can you say 'Gack!') did a fabulous job as Master of Ceremonies at the Golden Heart/Rita awards ceremony, keynote speaker MEG CABOT kept everyone in stitches as she told the story of her Hollywood premiere of THE PRINCESS DIARIES and CHRISTINA DODD inspired and entertained us all.

It was fun, informative, nerve-wracking, and did I mention... fun? Two of my favorite highlights of the trip were swapping ghost stories with my wonderful agents, Annelise Robey and Christina Hogrebe, and when I found myself seated next to the incredibly kind and gracious SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS at the Avon dinner. (I did a triple take when I saw her name on the placecard next to mine, then spent the evening trying not to drop grilled salmon down my decolletage, hoping desperately that there was no spinach salad between my teeth.) I met quite a few published authors - so many I've lost count - but Julianne MacLean, Margo Maguire and Monica Burns stand out in my memory for being so kind to a newbie like me. I made new friends in Sylvia Day, Sophie Jordan and Anna Campbell, and saw old ones like Janice Lynn, Ann Voss Peterson and Kathleen Long.

I know I'm forgetting to mention many of the people I chatted and drank with :), but my mind is still a-whirl. I never wanted it to end, and can't wait until next year!


~~Olivia said...

Terri, What a wonderful experience. I think I would have babbled myself silly to be surrounded by such talented woman. Hey, wait a minute! You're one of those talented woman!

You go girl!

Glad you had a great time.

Terri said...

Olivia :),

You would've handled it just fine, I'm sure... you're always good at those social things. I still can't believe I ate dinner with Susan Elizabeth Phillips! I also saw your wonderful 'couple' friends, Lori and Tony, at the literacy signing, and made sure I said hello. Next year is Dallas - try real hard to go!

MariaGeraci said...

At least you were able to open your mouth to put the salmon in. I would have probably been comatose if they had seated me next to SEP!
It was great seeing you again, Terri!

Janice Lynn said...

Terri~I'm so glad you had a fabulous conference! you deserve it, woman! & I loved looking at the pictures!

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