Friday, June 23, 2006

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Did you know that 51% percent of the public, including 58% of women, believe in ghosts? (This according to a Harris Poll survey conducted online between Jan. 21-27, 2003.) Personally, I think the number is higher, but people aren't willing to admit it... until something happens to shake them up.

Like what happened to my own family when we moved into a rental house back in the mid 90's. My stepdaughter came to me one morning with a fantastic story about a bathroom door that opened by itself, and a ghostly figure who peeked in on her while she was 'indisposed'. She was sufficiently freaked out for me to take her seriously, so I did some snooping into the background of the house by calling the realtor who'd rented it to us.

Imagine the chill that went down my spine when I learned the place had been the scene of a murder/suicide. Imagine the deeper chill went I went to the library and found the actual newspaper clippings that told the whole story: the owner of the home had been a bit of a 'player', who unfortunately for him, pissed off one girlfriend too many. Imagine the goosebumps when I read the details of the murder and discovered he'd been shot to death outside the bathroom door, right where my daughter had seen a 'ghostly figure'. Imagine the rumble of the moving truck as we left that house behind less than a month later.

Yep, that experience was enough to make a believer out of my skeptic husband and daughter. Me... I was a believer already, but that's another blog. :-)

Anybody else have any 'goosebump' moments?


Morgan said...

But why do they believe in ghosts? Have they had a personal experience, or do they just believe because they want to? The interesting thing is: what was really going on in the undoubtedly small percentage of incidents where people actually had an encounter--not what the general public thinks.

~~Olivia said...

That's creapy....

I do believe in ghosts, not because I have encountered one, but because others have. Too many encounters for them not to be real.