Monday, June 12, 2006

My Den of Iniquity

It's hurricane season in paradise, and we've just survived our first brush with bad weather, otherwise known as Tropical Storm Alberto. A false alarm, luckily, but our cupboards are stocked and emergency supplies laid in; the bottled water, the batteries, the pet food, and most importantly... the merlot. ;) The storm has passed us by this time, but what about the next time? The National Weather Service will be calling the next storm of any note 'Beryl'. With a name like that it'll be hard to take anything above a Category 4 storm very seriously.

One 'hurricane preparedness' suggestion is to take pictures of your house and your belongings, in case disaster strikes and you need proof for the insurance company. Cheerful thought, hm? Anyway, my husband took this picture today of my office.

"Step right up, folks. You, too, can see the spot where demented tales from the dark side are devised..."

And yes, that is a dancing monkey on my computer screen, thank you very much.


Mel Francis said...

dude, I gotta get me a dancing monkey...

leslie said...

it's a very BOOOTIFUL desk! It's no wonder you write such awesome stuff there...come decorate my office, will ya?

I'm crossing my fingers for a quiet hurricane season. Beryl, indeed. Yeesh!!

Janice Lynn said...

Ohhhh! A dancing monkey in Terri's office. :)

Love the desk & the room suits you.

SunnyMunkee said...

I LOVE the new website and blogspot! You go girl,, I mean! ;)
Love, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Tawny said...

Whoa, Terri. Look at how clean your desk is ;-)

Gorgeous office - no wonder your Muse is inspired to whisper such incredible stories to you!