Saturday, March 26, 2011

Win A Copy of Le Regazze Morte Sono Facili

Want to win a copy of the Italian version of Dead Girls Are Easy?  Stop by Gloria's Literary Cafe to read a review of the book and an interview with me, then leave a comment for Gloria.

What? You can't read Italian? I'll paraphrase: "This book is the best book ever written, and Terri Garey is AWESOME!" (Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little.) ;-)

If you really want to read the review and interview, it can be translated from Italian to English through Translate Google or Bing by just copying the link for Gloria's Literary Cafe (above) and pasting it into the translator.

Good luck, or as they say in Italian, "buona fortuna!"

1 comment:

Sharon S. said...

I would have to hire an Italian pool boy so he can translate it for me, of course first I would have to buy a pool...;)