Thursday, November 05, 2009

In Praise of Decent Men

I got some great news the other day - a wonderful review in a monthly column written by NYT best-selling historical romance author, Eloisa James, at, entitled "In Praise of Decent Men".

In addition to being a NYT best-selling author, Ms. James is a professor of English literature teaching Shakespeare at Fordham University, and her column this month focused on the often overlooked "good guys" who get crowded out of the romance genre by those naughty bad boys. She had this to say about Joe Bascombe, the hero in SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT:

Joe always sees the good in people, even if they're not so good. Joe is a real hero. This is a fascinating romance, and not merely due to the various ghosts and devils running around Atlanta. When the "ahh" moment arrives at the end of the book, it comes from a surprised, happy realization that honor and decency can trump even the hottest devil.
For all that we love our bad boys, it's the hope of winning one of the good ones that keeps us going, doesn't it?

I was thrilled to have a character from one of my books epitomize the concept of a true hero, and beyond thrilled to have him included in the same league as Jack, the hero of Nora Roberts' latest, Bed Of Roses. (I mean, she's Nora Roberts!) :-)

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