Friday, August 07, 2009

A Video Excerpt for Tampa Bay Online

DISCLAIMER: I had no time to rehearse for this, and reading an excerpt of your own work on camera is harder than you think! :-) (I'm also unclear as to why every time I'm in a video, the stillframe always shows me with a goofy expression on my face!)

At a booksigning last month, Tampa Tribune reporter Rich Mullins asked if he could make a video of me reading aloud from my current release, You're the One That I Haunt.

Here's the result:

Rich was doing a story on how sales of romance novels have risen, while book sales in general have declined (take that! o-ye-literary snobs!), which will appear in this week's Sunday paper. Sex sells, as do hopes of happily-ever-afters, silver linings, hot hunks, and the dream of finding your soul mate - who, after having met you - decides that no other woman will do.

I ask you, is that so wrong? I think not. (Particularly if there are ghosts, sexy devils and evil spirits involved, but no actual danger to you, the reader.)

Anyway, I'll put away my soapbox for now, and hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my little world. (And hey, it ain't Hollywood. If it was, the lighting would've been better!) :-)

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