Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photos From DC - the 2009 RWA Convention

Part of the fun of going to a big, giant writers conference is getting to hang out with your friends, your editor and your agent. You get to do some things you wouldn't normally do, see some things you wouldn't normally see, and hear some things you wouldn't normally hear.

I wanted to share some of those things with you, like being in a room where 500 authors are signing books, all at one time, while over a thousand readers chat, browse, and squeal over the books they love to read, and the people who write them:

I love this picture of the elusive and stylish Avon Executive Editor Erika Tsang (in the orange), and her lovely Editorial Assistant, Amanda Bergeron.

How about this photo of the irrepressible Jenny Gardiner, signing copies of her book, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver in true 60's American housewife/sitcom style, complete with an apron and pink Playtex gloves (and a pink "pebbled nub" button. Don't ask.) :-)

Here's one of my favorites - several hundred well-dressed women boogeying down to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (not as easy as one might think, particularly after a few drinks, but huge fun!)

Hanging out with dear friends, like Golden Heart double nominee, Lindsay Brookes, (a/k/a Kimmi):

Enjoying a well-deserved trip to the bar with former Golden Heart nominee and super cool Brit Chick, Anna Sugden:

"Skyping" with friends would couldn't be there, like Harlequin Blaze author Tawny Weber (I particularly love this picture because of the angle - that's Tawny on the screen, and me in the mirror, along with RITA nominee Kathleen Long, and Mills&Boon Medical author Janice Lynn who's taking the photo. Harlequin Superromance author Beth Andrews is manning the keyboard.)

Going to parties with your friends every night is always fun, particularly when someone wears a tiara:

And when the party's over and you're looking for a Ladies' Room? No problem!

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