Monday, April 06, 2009

Thai Me Down!

Do you know what this means?

คนตาย เด็กผู้หญิง เป็น ง่าย

Loosely translated, it's the Thai version of "Dead Girls Are Easy".

And why do we care? :-)

Because I just sold the Thai rights to my first novel, which means Dead Girls Are Easy is going to published in Thailand, of all places! (I can't wait to see what the Thai cover is going to look like - I sure hope I can find an image file when it's released over there.)

At first, I found it very strange that a Thai publisher would be interested in a romantic comedy about ghosts, until I did a little research and found that a belief in ghosts and spirits is an integral part of the Thai culture. Thailand is FULL of stories about hungry ghosts who roam the land, always searching for innocent souls to steal. Apparently, going out after dark in some Thai villages is the same as taking your life in your hands, and taking a baby outside after dark is practically a crime, as ghosts are said to be especially drawn to them. It's fascinating, really.

At any rate, I'm tickled, both by the novelty of having my book reprinted in a foreign language, and by the sale itself!

"Kob-kun-mak, Thailand!" (which means "Thank you very much!")


Anonymous said...

ขอแสดงความยินดีคุณมีชื่อเสียงผู้เขียนคุณ! (that's "Congratulations, you famous author, you" in case you couldn't figure it out).....Signed, P.Bo

catie said...

This is such fantastic news Terri! CONGRATULATIONS! (Oh and thanks for the info on Thailand and ghosts. Gives me yet another avenue of paranormal research to explore. Squee!!!)

Terri said...

Catie if you want to explore (and want a little giggle along with it), check out this Thai TV ad for Sylvania light bulbs:

The Thai people have very specific types of ghosts, as you'll see in the ad. There's also been a reported influx of ghost sighting on local beaches, felt to be attributed to all the people who died in recent tsunamis. Like I said, very interesting (but the ad is just plain funny, and a cool insight into the Thai culture!)