Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is This What "Birdbrained" Means?

Yes, this is a picture of me with a bird on my head (and one on my shoulder). It appears that the one on my shoulder was whispering in my ear about the one on my head (pure jealousy, I assure you, over all that gorgeous plumage!) LOL

Actually, it's just my favorite exhibit at the local zoo: the Lorikeets. For $1.00, you can buy a teeny little cup of "nectar" and walk into the aviary, where you will immediately be swarmed by some of the most beautiful and friendly little birds on the planet.

Lorikeets are actually small parrots. They're friendly and highly intelligent, and come in virtually every color of the rainbow. Oh, how I'd love to have one - but unfortunately for me, Captain America is convinced that birds are basically just winged carriers for disease, and since we have two cats, I haven't pushed the issue. :-)

Doesn't keep me from enjoying these beauties, though! It was a fun day, and well worth the $1.00 for the nectar.

The giraffes were cool, too - you can climb to an observation post and hand-feed them crackers - and you would not believe how long their tongues are (or how big they are in general). I'd certainly never been that close to one before.

Sometimes it's good be a kid again, if only for a day (although I intend to be one until the day I die! LOL)

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