Friday, December 26, 2008

Surviving The Aftermath

So a good time was had by everyone, except maybe the dog. :-)

(Okay, so she didn't really mind. Any attention is good attention, in her book!)

We had a really nice Christmas here in Gatorland, even though it was warm and a bit muggy. No chestnuts roasting on an open fire here, and certainly no snow! No getting up at the crack of dawn, either - my youngest is the only one left at home, and he's long outgrown his belief in Santa Claus. My husband and I got up at our normal time and enjoyed a cup of hot coffee before he drove over to get his mother and bring her over to spend the day with us.

I made turkey with all the trimmings, which cooked while we opened our presents, then our daughter and her family came by for a second round of gift-giving. By the time it was all over, mid-afternoon, we were gorged on turkey, overwhelmed in wrapping paper, and (after taking his mom home and helping me with the dishes) my husband was more than ready for a nap (which he rightly deserved, and enjoyed to the hilt!) Never having been a 'napper', I straightened the house and played video games on my computer (my favorite guilty pleasure!).

It started raining, which was the perfect excuse to change into our jammies way too early in the day, and settle in to watch some movies. What did you do for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

What did I do for Christmas?
Well, we went to my fiance's cousin's home near Orlando where a cast of thousands assembled in a much too small home--Once seated at the dinner tables pushed together, one was held prisoner there for much too long (which made one have to cross their legs a bit).... All the while, I was again the target of several people with dementia demanding over and over again who I was. Mind you, these people have known me for three years. After numerous responses of "I'm Bart's fiance", I resorted to "they picked me up on the highway".... "I saw your door was open so I decided to join you"..."I escaped from the local jail"...which oddly enough seemed more believable to them than "I'm Bart's fiance".... Santa has a strange sense of humor....

Terri said...

Yes, but who are you? :-)

Poor Anonymous (or should I just call you "Bart's fiance"?), you had quite a day, didn't you? Have you picked up any Italian curse words yet? :-)

Maybe you should spend Christmas with your own family next year, and they can all do their best to give poor Bart a hard time, just to even things out. :-)