Monday, July 21, 2008

The End of An Aura

In yesterday's blog about the TAPSCON Paranormal convention I went to this past weekend, I mentioned auras. Auras, in metaphysical terms, are the supposedly invisible fields of energy that emanate from the human body (most strongly around the head). These fields of energy are expressed in colors, and the color of your aura is what determines the type of person you are. Some people claim to be able to see auras with the naked eye, but others claim that they can be captured on film. An "aura photographer" was available at convention, and my friend Stefani was game enough to go for it.

What you're looking at here is Stefani's "aura", the field of energy surrounding her head. (If you look very closely, you'll see her forehead and both eyes near the center of the picture, in the dark area). The bright yellow-orange color is emanating from her neck, chest and shoulders, while above and around her head, the colors shift into pinks, violets and, at the very top, a lovely purplish-blue. According to the "aura reader" who took the picture, all these colors are extremely important, and are broken down (in general) like this:

Orange: artistic, creative expressive, successful.
Yellow: sunny, intelligent, playful, center of attention
Pink: loving, spiritual, caring, sensual, tender
Red: energetic, vital, passionate
Blue: deep feelings, communication, peace, love

All in all, Stefani is just a wonderful person (or at least her aura says she is!). Here she is as she prepares to have her aura photo taken (the woman in front is the aura reader herself). You may notice the look of amusement on her face - and why not? We'd been hanging around this booth for about ten minutes, and were already highly amused. A steady stream of people had gotten their aura photos taken, and we couldn't help but notice a pattern: every single one of them was a wonderful person!

The aura photographs themselves followed a pattern - a beautiful orangey-yellow one like Stefani's, then a more "rainbow-like" one, where the colors were sharply defined, not blended as much as Stefani's. Then an orangey-yellow one, then a rainbow one. No black or brown or gray auras here! The aura reader (who I'm sure was a wonderful person herself) seemed to be repeating the same phrases over and over as she interpreted the aura photos for the person who bought them: "Kind, loving, must learn to say "no" more often, seeking knowledge, etc., etc., etc.,).

Our conclusion was, quite simply, that these were phrases that everyone would love to hear said about themselves. Alas, while we were not sold on the validity of aura photography, we had a great time, and Stefani got a great souvenir. We can't wait to use it when we set up our fortune-teller hut on Halloween. :-)

And Stefani, aura or no aura, you ARE a lovely person!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to wear the aluminum foil hat that your sister made for you, complete with antenna and nti-gravity emotiton. --Bob

Anonymous said...

"Bob" is a closed minded idiot. Everyone has their own beliefs you dolt. In any case, there are more about Auras here:

Terri said...

Oh, my. I'm always open to the opinions of people who call other people names, like "idiot" and "dolt" - it says so much about a person, don't you think?

I completely agree that people are entitled to their own opinions, including "Bob". And me. And even those who choose to remain "anonymous".