Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lily or Morticia?

Okay, I have a confession to make: I always wanted to be Lily Munster.

While Morticia Addams was the more overtly sexy of the two women, Lily was my hero. Kind, tolerant of her bumbly husband, Herman, and that hair! Oh, that hair. That streak of white just screamed "coolness" long before the word "Goth" mean anything except a shortened term for an ancient tribe of barbarians. The overly dramatic makeup, the plush interior of her coffin, her eternal optimism in the face of living among those silly, silly humans. Her children were happy, her Grandpa lived in the basement, and dear Spot always got his giant chunk of raw meat on time. She was even kind to her "homely" niece, Marian.

Not to diss Morticia Addams, though. After all, she was rich, sexy and adored by her husband. "Oh, Tish, I love it when you speak French..." but all that arm kissing would have left me wanting to slap poor Gomez into the middle of next week. And who would name her little boy "Pugsley"?

So in the age-old debate of Lily vs. Morticia, (What? You never heard of this debate? Have you been hiding under a tombstone or something?) Lily gets my vote. What about you?


Anonymous said...

I'm an Addams family kind of girl! I always wanted a butler named Lurch and a disembodied hand to do my dusting. Morticia for me!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh tough choice! As you say Morticia is the more sexy and there is something deliciously wicked about her. And there was that gorgeous chair. But Lily had a definite cool factor about her.

Hmm it would have to come down to who had the better shoes *cackle*

Emma said...

I hate to confess this but I've never seen the Addams Family before. I know! Scandalous! But I remember the Munsters! I loved Herman he cracked me up.

Terri said...

Ok, I'm declaring Lily the winner by default (I'm sure she had cool shoes, Anna! Morticia could barely walk and her dress always covered her shoes). :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely Lily! I love The Addams Family and all... but there's actually something about Morticia's face and personality and everything that I just... don't like. Lily is beautiful and I love her personality. So, I say Lily, definitely!