Saturday, February 24, 2007

Proof Pages and Tombstones

Aren't these tombstones cute? I just got the "proof pages" for DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY, and this graphic will be used at the start of every chapter! I just love it. The perfect little touch that really fits the book.

What are "proof pages", you may ask? They're the actual, typeset pages of the book, the very last step before the book is printed. I can now see that my first paperback will be 384 pages long (something I've always wondered - the page count of a manuscript is completely different from the page count in an actual paperback). I can see my copyright page, my dedication page, everything... just as it will look on the shelves.

It's mindblowing, actually. :) What's also mindblowing is that this THE FINAL TIME for going through and looking for typos (which I've already found, including one on the very first page), and correcting them with my trusty red pen. Wish me luck, and here's hoping I don't go blind in the process!


Dawna said...

Terri, the proofing will go well, and you won't have to lose a lick of sight! I can't wait for your book to come out. It sounds right up my alley. And the graphic is AWESOME! Are you doing a calendar countdown yet?

Terri said...

Thanks, Dawna. :) I love those little tombstones. The only calendar countdown so far is in my head, but I'm going to search for a "widget" to put on my blog and website. Six months and counting!!

beth said...

Love the tombstones! So perfect for your awesome stories :-) I can't wait until Dead Girls is released!